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Dancing Softly in the Rain

Will You Not Hold My Hand?

18 April
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xKry- born in the united states. product of jimxlila. social. hyper. bursting the rainbows. intelligent but amazingly lazy. borderline personality. loves- novels. friends. naked hot girls. talking to people.
Ultimate Hero
age: eighteen years

xJim- born in the united states. large european mix. loner. ultra intelligent. poor social skills. geeky biochemist. has anger fits. obsessions- chess. science fiction novels. history. gardening. home improvement.
relation: male parental
age: sixty four years

xLilia- born in the philippines. four parts chinese, filipino, spainsh, japanese. crazier than hatter and hare combined. loud. does not posses much knowledge. tends to- nag. bitch. have mood swings. be violent.
relation: female parental
age: fifty four years

xHunter- born in the united states. europeanxasian combo. quiet. small. tends to say opinions in private. smart. works hard at schooling. loves- cats. oriental theme. cute. fish. animals.
relation: sister (not blood)
age: eighteen years

xHoney Pudge- born in the united states. half pit bull x unknown. hyper. adorable. does not- bark. bite. listen
relation: pet
age: three years

xScoop and xPoop- born in united states. persian siamese mix. smelly. fluffy. cute. annoying.
relation: pet
age: three months

..Irvine California- moved after first year

..Santa Barbara California- living in apartment. met hunter. attended oaks preschool. moved after four year

..Camarillo California- four bedroom house. large yard. painted purple. met jay. attended terra linda elementary, las colinas middle, achs. currently residing

Resided in (*more than once)

+Hong Kong- Two weeks*
+Philippines- One year*
+Japan-Two Weeks
+Canada- Short visits*
Key Items

..color.. rainbow
..foods.. chipotle. lucky charms. fruit snacks. tuna . grilled cheese sandwichs
..drinks.. coca cola. bloody mary mix. whole milk
..pokemon.. flaffy
..live action.. peter pan
..drama.. taste sweet love
..animated movies.. totoro. the arisocats
..book.. dune
..compact disk.. all american rejects
..comic.. fable
..television show.. buffy
..band.. franz ferdinand
..disney characters.. lumpy. berlioz. toulouse. chip. dale. eeyore. cheshire cat. pluto
..anime.. tenchi muyo ova
..song.. shrinking universe. i just can't wait to be king
Power Downs

stupidity. bigotry. self righteousness. the judgmental. bible thumpers. those who speak about what they have no experience with. gas prices. bills. typical mindless women. illegal drivers. illegal immigration. dirty government workers. having to be politically correct. welfare. unwanted opinions on my home life. lilia. "the ethnically confused". people who think they know everything but really know nothing. those who cannot speak english yet live in america. homophobes. people who drive slow in the fast lane. retards. spoiled children. parents.the dark. heights. ferris wheels. people who wear clothes the obiviously do not fit them. bees. wasps. rotten milk. people who criticize those whom like whimsical things. people who enforce their opinions on other people. those whose vocalize their music dislikes in front of people who like them. people who think they're the most important people on the planet. those who care way too much about what others think about them. sheep people who adapt the opinions of those around them. backstabbers. people who talk bad behind your back but are nice to your face. women use menstruating as an excuse to be bitchy
Power Ups

clouds. laying in the grass. reading in the sunshine. riding in cars. roadtrips. long discussions. being around loved ones. roadtrips. camping. wandering in the wilderness. smelling flowers. air. bacon guacamole six dollar burgers. frosty floats. movie marathons. lord of the rings the trilogy. dancing in the rain. going commando. laying in bed. sleeping. driving. books. reading. writing. comic books. disney movies. roller coasters. theme parks. psychology. disneyland. my little pony. rainbow brite. hanazakari no kimitachi e. porn with girls. robot chicken. law and order criminal order. video games. nao (my helio). staying in contact. multicolored pens. iced tea. invader zim. old cartoons. big eyed things. unicorns. rainbows. sparkles. glitter. world of warcraft. touching people. guild wars. soft tacos. miyazaki. mythological creatures. fables. horses. puppies. final fanasty. the first sip of cola. holding hands. pokemon. collecting purses. hugs. bags shaped like animals. fuzzy things. furry things. elmer. boys. captian planet. new socks. god of war. ewoks. star wars(4.5.6), bambi. backstreet boys. axel. jesse mccartney. kingdowm hearts. john's house. lighters. fire. new sweatshirts. gentle kisses. rain. swimming. hot showers. sleeping naked. text messaging. the internet. getting snail mail. birthdays. crispix. etc
Plot Summary

A young headstrong girl aged eighteen years born under the sign of Aries seeks to defeat with evil empire of adulthood. While battling hardened foes such as the devious Monthly Bills and Rising Gas Prices. While her party provides no help what so ever, but she bearing the name of Kry will not fail. Using her spiffy weapon Peter Pan Syndrome against the mighty adversary of aging. We can only hope she can conquer her foe spreading rainbows, unicorns, and goodness throughout the land.
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