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Christmas Wish List IPod Touch 32 Gig (HAR HAR) New Helio Ocean… - Dancing Softly in the Rain [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[1st December 2008|8:50 am]
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Christmas Wish List

IPod Touch 32 Gig (HAR HAR)
New Helio Ocean (HAR HAR)
Jumbo Bolt Plushie @ DisneyStore/ DisneyStore Online

Red Wireless Xbox 360 Controller with Rechargable Battery
Controller Keypad for Xbox360 Controller
DisneyWorld Charm Bracelet @ Main Street Disneyland (NOT THE DISNEYLAND ONE. I'M GETTING THAT ONE ALREADY. DisneyWorld = $66)
Happily Ever After Hide a Key Castle @ DisneyOutlet Online
Peter Pan Widescreen DVD
Kingdom of Heaven Widescreen DVD
2 Gig XD Memory Card
Star Ocean for PSP
WarioWare Touched for DS
Dark Knight DVD Ultimate Edition. Must Have Cardboard Outside Case
Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring - Four Disk Extended Edition
Lord of the Rings: Return of the King - Four Disk Extended Edition
House Season One

Favorite Disney Characters-
Toulouse and Beriloz
Chip and Dale*
Lumpy (From Pooh's Heffalump Movie)*
Cheshire Cat


*Warning I have a lot of merchandise for this character


In Progress

BtDubs. You can leave Anonymous Comments on Livejournal to remove things from this list.

Also I really want that Bolt Plushie and Disneyland Annual Passholders have a 15% Discount on all merchandise at DisneyStores when presenting your annual pass til Dec 15

Also My Name (Kry or Kryste) tattooed somewhere on your body. Preferably on the hipbone/ V